Very professional. Showed up on time. Cleaned up afterward. Good value.
• Service Worn Granite where dishes are stacked. Use a serious of abrasives designed for granite to remove damaged stone. Polish back to a high gloss.

Excellent workmanship. I had a crack in my shower floor which Nasario repaired beautifully. I have honed marble floors that needed refinishing to a dull sheen. They did a great job getting the right sheen, as I did not want a shiny floor.

Office Bathroom Floor, Master Bathroom Floor and Master Bathroom Shower Bench - Use appropriate abrasive medium to remove scratches and etch marks. Polish to appropriate sheen or gloss.

Mr. Vazquez did a fine job on the counter-top. It looks like new and he was very pleasant to work with. I am very satisfied with his professionalism and the result.

Clean entire surface with a high pH cleaner. •Using appropriate abrasives mediums to remove etch marks and scratches. Service to a slight sheen. • Rinse • Neutralize •Apply a sealer design for natural stone

Nice guys by the way, they did a great job and were very clean and pleasant.

Using abrasive polishing compound to remove surface residue and service to a high gloss: WWW.RESTORATIONSTONEWORKS.COM

Thank you...the shower looks beautiful...your tech was a pleasure to work with....

Master bathroom Shower – Use an abrasive polishing compound to remove surface reside and enhance clarity and gloss. Rinse - Neutralize - Apply sealer design for natural stone. WWW.RESTORATIONSTONEWORKS.COM

Everything looks great !

Master Bathroom. Shower, Floor and Tub Surround - Use the appropriate abrasives combined with a hydrogen peroxide based cleaner to remove surface reside and deep clean tiles and grout lines. Service to appropriate sheen. Re-caulk shower – caulk color Siltstone. WWW.RESTORATIONSTONEWORKS.COM