Marble and Granite Honing and Polishing

  • Marble and Granite Refinishing
    Notice the extreme reflection in this BEFORE image.
  • Marble and Granite Refinishing
    Here is the same floor AFTER we honed to soften the finish.

Marble and Granite Restoration | Glencoe, North Shore

Homeowners Change Their Minds About Polished Finish

We service a lot of clients in the North Shore area. Homeowners in Glencoe were dissatisfied with the glossy appearance of their newly installed natural stone floor, which was a combination of marble and granite. They wanted the floor finish to be changed from polished to honed or satin.

Changing a Natural Stone Finish

Marble is easy to hone, but granite is a very hard stone and more challenging to refinish. We used a multistep process to refinish this floor.

After carefully using tarps, draping, and painters tape to protect the surfaces surrounding our work area, we honed the parameter of the floor with a hand-held grinder and the appropriate abrasives. We did this because a commercial floor machine will not cut the stone close to the wall.

Once the outer areas of the floor had been serviced, we determined that this floor was not entirely flat. In order to avoid a problem called picture framing, we used a weighted floor machine so that the diamond abrasives would give the floor a velvety-smooth, uniformly honed finish.

Using low-grit abrasives, we honed the floor from wall to wall. The final result was a beautifully honed floor and a very happy customer.

For more information visit our Marble Service page or our Granite Services page.

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