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North Shore Client With Marble and Granite Floor Problem

Client Wanted a Change in Their Existing Finish

We service a lot of clients in the North Shore area. This particular client, who was in Glencoe, had a newly installed glossy combination marble and polished granite floor. They wanted the floor finish to be changed from a polished finish to a honed or satin finish. Marble is easy to hone, but granite is a very hard stone and more challenging to service to a honed finish.

Our Solution

After carefully using tarps, draping and painters tape to protect all necessary areas, we first worked the parameter of the floor with a hand held grinder and appropriate abrasives. A commercial floor machine will not cut the stone nice and close to the wall, therefore, we service the parameter by hand. Once the outer areas of the floor have been serviced, our technician proceeds with a weighted floor machine to service all of the floor with diamond abrasives, which will change the floor to a nice, consistent honed finish.

The problem remains to remove what is referred to as picture framing. It is impossible to lay a totally flat floor. So you have the issue with some tiles lower than an adjoining floor.  The diamonds on the floor machine will hone the high areas leaving a shine parameter on the lower tile. To resolve this problem our technician adds weight to the floor machine. Using low grit abrasives, we service the floor from wall to wall. The final results are a nice consistent honed floor and a very happy customer.

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