We restore stone and tile surfaces to like-new!
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Thank you! I love it... Everything looks clean and renewed.  Now I wish I did more in each...
Bathroom Vanity Top — Using diamond abrasives to remove etch marks and scratches. Polish to appropriate sheen or gloss. • Master Bathroom, Foyer and Foyer Hall Marble Floor. Use diamond abrasives to remove scratches and etch marks. Polish to a high gloss. • Neutralize • Apply a sealer design for natural stone.
Your workmen just left and it looks as if they did a great job so far.  They are...
1st Floor Limestone –Using a commercial floor machine, scrub the floor with a hydrogen peroxide based cleaner. This will deep clean the tiles and grout lines. Service to appropriate sheen.
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Trust your stone and tile to the experts

Do you have marble, limestone, granite or other natural stone that has lost its shine or has become otherwise damaged? Are your tile and grout surfaces due for some serious attention? Restoration Stoneworks has been serving residential and commercial customers throughout the Chicago area with restoration services for over a decade.

If you have scratched, dull stone surfaces, lippage (uneven surfaces), cracks, chips, stains, etching –no matter what kind of problem you have with your natural stone surfaces, chances are we can restore it to look as good as new—or better.

We clean and seal tile and grout surfaces, too, and offer Grout Color Sealing services, a very popular service.

Providing Expert Services

  • Marble and Limestone
    We offer cleaning, sealing, restoration for all marble that has become dull, scratched, etched or otherwise damaged and commercial maintenance...
  • Travertine
    We can resolve any problems you may be having with your travertine, including deep cleaning, sealing, repair, refinishing, and color enhancing ...
  • Granite
    If and when your granite needs restoration you need to call a professional that has the specialized knowledge to work on granite. ...
  • Terrazzo
    Looking to have your terrazzo floors cleaned, polished or restored? We have years of experience working with terrazzo....
  • Slate
    Restoration Stoneworks can service all your slate needs and offers a variety of customized treatments and finishes. ...
  • Tile & Grout
    Let's face it. No matter how many times you try, it seems nearly impossible to keep your tile and grout looking clean....


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