Your technician did a wonderful job on our counter tops.  They look beautiful like they did when they were first installed 17 years also.  He also fixed the chips etc. that occurred when the flood hit the kitchen and cabinets etc., were removed.

I’m grateful!

Services Provided: • Using visqueen, tarps, draping and painters tape to protect all necessary areas. Please note that the removal of painter’s tape can remove paint from walls, cabinets, and varnish from wood flooring. We will do our best to prevent this from happening, but will not be held liable if this does occur. • Clean entire surface with a high pH cleaner • Kitchen Soap Stone Top – Use appropriate abrasive medium to remove scratches, etch marks and surface reside. Fill chips with a tinted adhesive. Color match adhesive to best of our ability. Please note that very small chips can be hard to fill. No real surface area for adhesive to grasp onto the stone. Service to appropriate sheen. • Kitchen Marble Counter Top – Use diamond abrasives to remove scratches and etch marks. Service with loose abrasives to clean satin finish. • Rinse • Neutralize • Apply sealer design for natural stone.