What Kind of Sealer to Use for Natural Stone?

In the service industry of stone restoration one of the most common requests is sealing to protect the surface of natural stone. A properly sealed natural stone surface; vanity, counter top or floor, will help the customer maintain their investment. We have found that a simple explanation of what a sealer actually is and more...

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Moisture: Stone Enemy Number One

Most of the problems associated with stone tile installation can be traced to moisture or water intrusion of some kind. Many stains are caused by the presence of water. Water is an essential ingredient for the setting cleaning and restoration of stone but it can also be its number one enemy. What problems are associated with...
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I have a stain in my stone what should I do?

Stain Removal is the ONLY service that a stone restoration company CANNOT guarantee. Stains are the result of colored liquid being allowed to seep into the stone. While in most cases a seal can be removed, in virtually all cases it requires patience, multiple treatments and either your time or your money. Each stain requires...
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Tips for Selecting and Buying Stone and Tile

Are you building a new home? Restoring or re-decorating your old home? Are you an architect or interior designer in need of some direction with which tile to specify? The selection of tile and stone can be difficult, confusing even overwhelming. Read here to

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