Lippage Removal on Limestone Floor

  • lippage-removal-limestone-before
    Lippage is a result of a poor installation and will diminish the look and safety of the floor.
  • lippage-removal-limestone-after
    Here is the floor after it has been flattened and the finish restored.


Limestone floors are known for their timeless elegance and durability. However, if improperly installed, uneven surface that not only detracts from their beauty but also poses safety hazards. In this case, the homeowner and a friend did the installation. This case study explores the transformation of a limestone floor suffering from significant lippage into a level, elegant surface.


1. Significant Lippage: The primary objective was dealing with the pronounced lippage across the floor, with some areas having differences of up to 1/4 inch in height between adjacent tiles.

2. Preserving Aesthetics: The goal was not only to create a level surface but also to preserve the inherent beauty and character of the limestone tiles.

Project Execution:

1. Lippage Removal: To eliminate the lippage, we used specialized metal lippage plates to level the tiles, followed by copper disks to remove the scratch patterns from metal plates.

2. Finishing: After achieving a level surface, we carefully restored the original finish of the limestone. We used honing and polishing techniques to restore the floor's natural luster. This step involved progressively finer abrasive pads to achieve the desired honed finish.

3. Sealing and Protection: To protect the newly restored limestone floor from staining, a high-quality sealer was applied.


The restoration process successfully transformed the uneven and worn limestone floor into a level, elegant surface. The pronounced lippage was eliminated, making the floor safe and visually pleasing. The restored finish brought out the natural beauty of the limestone, with its intricate patterns and subtle variations in color.

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