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Marble Countertop Damaged During Installation

The owners of a Camden, Michigan lake house were not happy after they had a marble kitchen island top installed, because the finish was accidentally scratched during the installation process. The contractor did not have any success in his attempts to remove the damage and actually made the countertop look even worse by leaving a wide honed area down the middle of the top. Our clients wanted the marble restored to its original factory finish.

How We Restored the Damaged Finish

First, we used tarps, draping, and painters tape to protect all the surrounding areas. Then, we wet sanded the area where the installer tried to remove the scratch, honing below the damage to expose a fresh, new, smooth surface. To bring this top back to a factory finish, we had to match our finish to the finish on the rest of the countertop. Fortunately, in one of our numerous training classes we learned about the methods used on the polishing line in the factory, using a hand-held grinder, granite polishing compounds, and a polishing brick. I employed these same methods to achieve results that exceeded the quality of the factory finish, using a series of diamond abrasives to polish the area to a high sheen and giving the stone a beautiful, mirror-like finish.

The installer was very please, because our marble repair and restoration work saved him from having to replace the marble countertop. The homeowners were completely satisfied with the results.

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