Marble Top Gets Gorgeous New Finish

  • Marble Countertop Before
    Notice the surface damage in this BEFORE image.
  • Marble Countertop After
    Now this marble countertop looks brand new again, as you can see in this AFTER image.

Etched, Dull Marble Countertop

Homeowners in North Shore contacted us because their marble countertop had lost its clarity and gloss. The finish had etch damage and a very dull appearance.

Marble Countertop Honing and Polishing

First, we masked and protected the cabinets, floors, and other surfaces surrounding our work area. We used diamond abrasives to hone the marble, removing the etch marks, scratches, and other surface damage, and a professional marble polishing compound to achieve a glossy, glass-like finish. To inhibit staining, we applied a high quality impregnating sealer.

The homeowners were very pleased with the outcome.

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