Shower Pan Moisture Buildup

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Have you noticed that the stone around your shower drain is darker than the surrounding stone? This is a strong indication of moisture buildup due to improper drainage, possibly caused by clogged weep holes. Dealing with shower pan moisture buildup may be an easy DIY procedure or require a complete reinstall. Read on to learn more about what might be causing the problem and how to resolve it.

Clogged Weep Holes

When water makes its way through grout lines or joints under the shower floor, weep holes enable the water to work its way into the drainage system. The most common cause of moisture buildup in shower pans is clogged weep holes.

How To Unclog Weep Holes

Remove the drain cover. Clear away any large debris, such as soap buildup or hair. Locate the small holes around the main pipe. Use wire or pipe cleaner to clear away mineral buildup in the weep holes. Replace the drain cover.

Dry Out the Shower

Use another shower for a few days to allow the natural stone shower floor to completely dry. To speed the drying process, set up fans and a dehumidifier. If the darkened section of stone does not lighten and return to its natural color, you may be dealing with a drainage problem other than clogged weep holes.

Improper Installation

If a shower liner is not high enough or cut instead of folded, moisture can become trapped under the floor. Unfortunately, if your shower pan was improperly installed, it may need to be replaced, which also means that the stone floor over the pan will need to be replaced. Contact your stone professional for an evaluation and recommended plan of action.

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