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Sealers…. are they always necessary?

The following article was written by Maurizio Bertoli,  considered by many to be the 'godfather' of stone restoration. He passed away in 2008 but his influence in the industry continues on. The past 12 to 15 years witnessed the birth and phenomenal surge of a type of product for which nobody had ever felt the need...
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Stain Removal On Natural Stone Surfaces

Stain Removal is the ONLY service that a stone restoration company CANNOT guarantee. Stains are the result of colored liquid being allowed to seep into the stone. While in most cases a seal can be removed, in virtually all cases it requires patience, multiple treatments and either your time or your money. Each stain requires...
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Why does white marble turn yellow ?

The problem of yellowed white marble is not uncommon. All over the United States I have encountered marble that has turned yellow, and even brown. Although flooding is a common cause there are several other reasons this color change will occur.

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