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Marble Polishing | Lincoln Park

Marble Floor Etch Damage

A homeowner in Lincoln Park contacted us to get an estimate on marble restoration services. They wanted us to restore the shine to a marble floor that was very dull, due to years of cleaning the floor with vinegar and water. The floor had not only lost its original gloss, the surface had been chemically altered by the acidic cleaning solution. We call this type of damage etch damage.

Our Marble Etch Damage Removal and Restoration Process

Our technicians honed the floor with a wet-sanding process called honing to remove the etch damage and polished to achieve a high gloss finish. The last step was to apply a premium impregnating sealer. The client was very pleased with the results and thrilled to have the floor looking better than the day it was installed.

To learn more, visit our Marble Services page.

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